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По вопросу Нового Завета...

Задал Seventh Era Faithists вопрос по Новому Завету. Ответили ;)

...28/47.38. Isn't Love establised in New Testament?

Hi Stepan and all,

This is a good question regarding the New Testament. It is also clear that the "New Testament" does contain some good teachings, and especially regarding love and forgiveness, yet it is also in error and misleading in many instances.

The life and story of Jesus Christ was taught by Christians as literal truth, yet the character of Jesus was no more than an amalagamation of previous existing persons. Much of the narratives were mythology at the time they were written and resented in such a way as to induce belief and worship of "Jesus Christ".

Once Constantine and the Council of Nicea, in 325 c.e., decided on Christianity and the "New Testament" as the accepted bible for their religion there began a continued effort to establish the orthodox gospels and to discredit others. (This is evident in the "doctoring" of previously existing writings such as Josephus, Ireneaus and others).

Evidence of this kind of selection and exclusion is provided to some extent by the Nag Hammadi Codices and the Codex Tchacos, discovered in the 20th century. These artifacts date back to the 4th century and perhaps earlier.

The existence of such documents and other material that contradicted or exposed untruths of the New Testament instigated the burning of the Alexandria library and other repositories to establish the new Christian religion. As a result much was lost to history, but Oahspe provides information about the establishment of Christianity. This information is provided where truth could not be lost or destroyed, from the libraries of Heaven.

Regarding the establishment of the "New Testament" by Constantine under the inspiration of Looeamong, see also in Oahspe:
28/48.26 to 59. (Book of Eskra Chapter 48 vse 26-59)

This can be read online at the following link:


Also available are a couple of Oahspe Study articles: "Who was Jesus of Nazareth" and "What is the Origin of Christ" which put known historical details into context with Oahspe's revelations on this subject.

These can be read at these links:



Peace, Love and Light,

Ruth and Vernon for
Seventh Era Faithists

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